60 years combined experience in food distribution




for Over 25 Years

Providing a secure and robust IT environment for our clients...

IBM</p>Partners</p>for Over 25 Years

Distribution Software

in the Cloud & More

Our cost sharing model allows us to achieve this goal...

Distribution Software</p>in the Cloud & More


Enterprise Level Systems

No initial investment needed

 Affordable</p></p>Enterprise Level Systems

Increase Profitability

To quote IBM "Organizations with high cloud adoption are reporting 2x revenue growth & 2.5x higher gross profit".

High Availability

We run two IT infrastructures in parallel constantly being replicated to recover from any major disaster in twenty minutes.

Partner with a Pro

With a combined experience of over 60 years in food distribution, IT and retail our team stands ready to help you achieve your goals.

Lower Costs

The biggest benefit of partnering with TMISI is access to sophisticated hardware and software with no investment.


TMISI is a Software as a Service provider (SaaS) offering a suite of fully integrated applications designed with wholesale distributors in mind. 

We create customizable and affordable enterprise level software on a robust platform for small and medium sized companies, using the SaaS model. TMISI was founded in 1987 with the prime purpose of managing the food businesses associated to a grocery retail chain from an IT and financial perspective. These included eight retail supermarkets, fresh fruit and vegetable wholesalers, dry goods wholesalers, & real estate holdings.

Our Mission

Fostering Partnership

Distinguished by our competence and professionalism, we aim to become your offsite IT business partner. We are committed to providing services of outstanding quality and reliability, delivering solutions to fully satisfy your information technology, business process and management objectives. In all we do, we foster partnership with our clients as evidenced by our enduring relationships with our clients.

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TMISI provides applications that cover the full scope of today's distribution IT environment, integrating multiple applications to create dynamic IT systems ...
We use a sophisticated replication software called Quick-EDD/HA on both our IBM Power Systems to cover all our security needs with respect to data loss and disaster recovery.

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