The main advantage is cost savings since the software and hardware infrastucture as well as the technical skills to manage such an infrastructure cost a lot less on a shared model versus on a standalone model.
With daily offsite backups and a secondary server constantly being replicated our clients data is extremely secure.

With the advent of cellular LTE technologies where we can now acheive download speeds of 20M/sec, communication with our server has never been as high.

Since our application runs on an IBM i server and not on a windows platform viruses cannot be executed on our server.

We have been running our application since 1989 on a text based interface and we have now started offering our application on a graphical interface as well.

The level of support we offer our clients are at the same level one would expect from an in house IT department, simply call our support line and we will assist you as if we are part of the same company.

We have full time programming resources constantly enhancing our application from providing added functionality to adopting and deploying new technologies such as bringing our application to iPads, tablets etc.

We deploy the software as a Service model which means as a new client your initial investment is $0 as long as you have access to the internet you can run your business on our application.

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TMISI provides applications that cover the full scope of today's distribution IT environment, integrating multiple applications to create dynamic IT systems ...
We use a sophisticated replication software called Quick-EDD/HA on both our IBM Power Systems to cover all our security needs with respect to data loss and disaster recovery.

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