High Availability & Security

 We use a sophisticated replication software called Quick-EDD/HA on both our IBM Power Systems to cover all our security needs with respect to data loss and disaster recovery.

Through journal technology, it replicates in real time, on our second IBM Power System, all the database updates and all the object modifications made on the production system.

This ensures that all data is secure and should a disaster occur on the production IBM Power System, our second IBM Power System would be operational within the hour. This invaluable service to our clients, ensures no down time and most importantly, no loss of data.


Our wide area network uses state of the art routing technology powered by Cisco allowing all our clients to access our IBM Power System through secure VPN tunnels.

We host our server on a fiber optic network, maximising the speed of communication to such an extent that users assume the IBM Power System is actually installed on their premises.

We also deploy redundent communication methods using cellular technology (LTE) ensuring that our communication is always up.

Multiple links to reduce communication issues

We use a proven link balancer technology developed by ELFIQ that allows us to run multiple connections to the internet simultaneously, making it possible to switch between two fibre optic pipes and a cellular LTE link to the internet.

Here are some of the key benefits of having a link balancer such as the one we use by ELFIQ;

  • Business continuity: The use of multiple ISP links enables maximum uptime for connectivity, assuring the organization is able to conduct online activities normally even if one or more ISPs are not available. Key services such as VPN remain available and ensure normal operations.
  • Productivity improvement: Aggregating multiple links onto the same Link Balancer offers the organization the benefit of increased throughput for both upload and download activities.
  • Cost reduction: By preventing downtime, productivity is maintained and employees operate normally even during link failures. The same can be said of servers and services, ensuring all transactions are completed.
  • Lower helpdesk calls: With Internet access functioning normally, even when one or more ISPs are not available, users can continue operating and will not need to contact the helpdesk or try to troubleshoot their equipment themselves.

Duplicate IT infrastructures

We run two IT infrastructures which are constantly being replicated in real-time, allowing us to switch servers in under an hour in the event of a critical situation at the main location.

The key benefits of running duplicate IT structures are;

  • Business continuity:

Having the ability to switch servers in the event of a major disaster (fire, flood, etc.) in under an hour ensures our clients carry on normal operations without any major disruption in service.

  • Data protection:

Having two servers replicating on a real-time basis protects against data loss as even the most diligent back up procedures occur, at most, once a day. Having replication software constantly updating the data in two places garantees no data loss whatsoever.

  • Productivity improvement:

Having the ability to recover from a major disaster in under an hour saves valuable time and resources best allocated to managing your business and your staff rather than repeating operations and searching for clues as to pre-disaster-level entries.


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We use a sophisticated replication software called Quick-EDD/HA on both our IBM Power Systems to cover all our security needs with respect to data loss and disaster recovery.

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