We become your in-house IT department – completely at your disposal, providing you and your team with training, up-to-the-minute back-ups and upgrades while growing and evolving with your needs and your business.


Why SaaS and why TMISI?

To better concentrate on their core business, companies are increasingly turning to external service providers to manage daily operations, such as IT support. The benefits of this approach, which strengthen a company's overall competitiveness, include:

  • No expensive initial investment – hardware or software to purchase, install or maintain
  • Increased management efficiency and effectiveness through enhanced focus on core business activities
  • Lower costs
  • Access to critical skills and technology
  • Quick entry into new markets
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Data protection through secure off-site replication servers
  • Business continuity

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TMISI provides applications that cover the full scope of today's distribution IT environment, integrating multiple applications to create dynamic IT systems ...
We use a sophisticated replication software called Quick-EDD/HA on both our IBM Power Systems to cover all our security needs with respect to data loss and disaster recovery.

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