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Our simple-to-use, innovative and integrated dashboard provides at-a-glance views of daily, weekly and monthly key performance indicators allowing you to instantly manage and monitor your operations such as inventory levels, sales volume, customer collections, AR & AP levels among others.

These applications offer total management of inventory, billing, purchasing and accounting and run on an IBM Power System server. This is a sophisticated, enterprise class server with world class security and unbeatable reliability. Here are some of the key features of our applications:


  • Complete integration with accounting package
  • Unique "load-level" product costing for accurate costing of products with frequent price changes and different currencies
  • Real time profit management helps avoid costly sales errors
  • Inventory management to handle multiple warehouses / sites including scanning software
  • Inventory reservations by SKU & Customer for tight markets
  • Customizeable pricing by Customer ensuring maximum gross margin performance
  • Advanced purchasing features that apply common costs to all products
  • Customer quotations integrated with invoicing to facilitate pricing
  • EDI module fully integrated with our applications
  • Bill of materials module to handle light manufacturing processes
  • Worldwide access via ipad, tablet, laptop etc.
  • Fully bilingual (French and English)


Systems overview

 Companies rely on an efficient IT infrastructure to support business-critical applications.  They need to know that their systems and business processes are deployed to meet the highest service levels defined by their business units plus can be adapted to handle every new business opportunity.  IBM i (formerly known as i5/OS®) running on an IBM Power Systems™ server offers a highly scalable and virus resistant architecture with a proven reputation for exceptional business resiliency.  Running applications based on i has helped our customers over many years to focus on innovation and delivering new value to their business, not just on managing their data center operations.

 Having a more dynamic infrastructure is all about selecting the right systems and software to enable businesses to move with agility and speed. Getting there with IBM i means implementing proven solutions on a platform you can trust.  We choose to use the latest Power® platform. This way our applications get world class performance plus dynamic infrastructure flexibility with the opportunity to lower monthly operations costs, all of which translate into savings for our customers. 

 IBM i integrates a trusted combination of relational database, security, Web services, networking and storage management capabilities. It provides a broad and highly stable database and middleware foundation for efficiently deploying business processing applications, with support for over 5,000 solutions from over 2,500 ISVs.  IBM develops, fully tests and preloads the core middleware components of i together upfront, whereas on other platforms, operating system, database and middleware integration is done in the data center.  The pre-integration and testing of i is a key factor in enabling companies to deploy applications faster and maintain them with fewer staff

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TMISI provides applications that cover the full scope of today's distribution IT environment, integrating multiple applications to create dynamic IT systems ...
We use a sophisticated replication software called Quick-EDD/HA on both our IBM Power Systems to cover all our security needs with respect to data loss and disaster recovery.

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